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Since early childhood I enjoyed looking at the world, observing reality, but sometimes couldn't help peeking inside myself. The idea of being in this world at this particular moment gave me shivers. It triggered strange and strong biting sensation of being thrown out of the everyday role-playing into some fast hyper-reality and superior truth that in my mind felt almost tangible. It was a shock of electricity and something infinite echoing and shaking my sheer consciousness. It felt like a brain's artifact, that is not supposed to wake you from the ordinary flow of things. I have always wanted to translate this feeling into film.


work in progress

Intravertigo is a multiple screen rear-projection video installation with sound showing colorful fast moving images generated by video feedback of pointing a camera into screen creating an infinite loop of mostly abstract images. It is a digital equivalent of looking into yourself and getting in touch with an urgent inexplicable and infinite mystery of your immediate presence.


On October 1, 2011 excerpt from Intravertigo was shown outdoors 
on three projection screens 
as part of Nuit Blanche NYC
Photo by  Konstantin Sergeyev
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